Meet the team

Patrick Brooke Patrick
Patrick is a Clinical System Leader, healthcare consultant and GP. He currently has a portfolio career as an Out of Hours and 111 GP, urgent care leadership and is a specialist advisor to the Care Quality Commission. He has substantial leadership experience at board level in Quality, Commissioning, Primary Care Performance, Governance and Organisational Development.

Patrick studied medicine at The London Hospital Medical College qualifying in 1991, undertook his GP training in Wiltshire (1992-95), worked in an urgent care centre in Christchurch NZ (1995) and between 1996-2008 was a GP Partner in Newbury, Berkshire. During this time, he also worked as a clinical assistant in dementia research developing and validating ‘The 6CIT’ as a dementia recognition tool for primary care, co-developed and implemented an integrated care pathway for people with dementia and was heavily involved in local GP led commissioning.

Appointed in 2008 as Medical Director, Director of Quality and Clinical Strategy for Solihull NHS Care Trust, then in 2010 Director of GP Consortia Development and Deputy Director of Commissioning Development for Birmingham and Solihull Primary Care Trusts. From 2012 -2017 he led NHS Solihull CCG as its Chief Accountable Officer. In 2018 he was appointed Regional Medical Director for Vocare and in 2021 as Medical Director for Greenbrook Healthcare and South of England Regional Medical Director for Totally Urgent care. He maintains his portfolio career with out of hours and 111 medical practice.
Jonathan Brooke Jonathan
Jonathan is a Cyber Security professional that builds and develops websites, apps, and cloud infrastructure in his spare time.
This website, Windows software, & Apple iOS app were designed, built and are maintained by Jonathan.

Jonathan is an accredited Cyber Security Professional - You can learn more here:
Jay Stanley Jay
Jay is a medical doctor and software developer. He has developed the Android version of the 6CIT app. He has degrees in medical genetics, cancer genomics and medicine and has a broad range of technical skills, including experience in the Flutter, R and Python programming languages. Working with his peers, he built MyMedPal, an app-based skills tracker for medical students.

Jay's Website:
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